The Magic of a Wedding Planner

All couples seek a perfectly planned and seamlessly executed wedding celebration. Hire a Wedding Planner and they will no doubt alleviate you (and your loved ones) of unnecessary pressure, provide nuggets of wisdom and make the journey as fun as possible!

Aside from being your wedding fairy-godmother, consider us your confidante, wedding PA, source of inspiration, wedding guru and your new-found friend all in one!

A talented wedding planner is a gift you give yourself, and then wonder how you’d have ever managed without one…

~ Unknown

If the above wasn’t enough, read on for more ways that hiring a planner will change your life…

1. Experience

If you hire an experienced wedding planner, you can trust in someone that’s got a solution for practically any hiccup you could imagine. Not just on the day of your event, but ALL the way along your planning journey.

A planner will be there for any emergency, and will know exactly how to take care of it so that it doesn’t ruin your event! Imagine your hair stylist going AWOL or the DJ about to play the wrong tune for your entrance… your planner will swoop in and save your day. Think of a planner as a type of insurance – wouldn’t you like to feel that reassurance, knowing that your best day is in the best hands?

2. We’re There For YOU

Ok so without sounding too much like the Friends them tune, we’ll be there for you! Yes, YOU. A planner’s reason for existing, is you, the client, and ensuring your day runs without a hitch (see what I did there?). We do all of the running around for you, make sure you and your immediate families are well looked after and perfectly execute a seamless event.

A point to note: venues often have coordinators in-house – they know the venue inside out, can recommend trusted suppliers, and are great at their job: venue coordinating. Caterers equally have their own event coordinators, they ensure your menu choices are delivered to high standards and on time. Each supplier is dedicated to its own business.

A professional wedding planner will offer a tailored, dedicated and bespoke service, bringing together all of the elements to create your ultimate event.

It is our role to make your dream day a reality.

3. Budget

You have a budget in mind, and we work hard to achieve your vision within that.

A great wedding planner will be able to provide value for money, leveraging on established relationships with trusted and recommended suppliers. We consider things that you’d never think of, because wedding planning is our business, and we know weddings!

4. Black Book of Industry Contacts

Hiring a planner means getting exclusive access to their network of trusted suppliers. We’ve done all the searching, meeting, selecting and sampling. We know good quality and have high standards. We take the time to fully understand your dream vision and create a theme for your event, then we can immediately assemble the perfect team of suppliers to make your vision a reality.

5. Time

In a nutshell, there’s never enough! You have everyday life to contend with – you work (then battle with the fun commute home), date nights, keeping up with your friends, and THEN have to factor in time for the family… where will you find the 250 hours it takes on average to plan your wedding?

Yes that’s right, 250!! That’s 7 weeks of a full-time job. Without doing anything else in your day. Now let that sink in…

Leave it to us, it is our job to make your day

(250 hours is probably even an underestimation, depending on the size of your wedding, the number of events involved and how wild you want to go!)

6. The Legal Bits

Do you understand the ins and outs of contracts? Are you good at reading the fine print? Will you be able to spot if something’s not quite right? Having a planner to do all of this for you will save you the hassle, and keep you sane. Considering all of the suppliers involved in creating a dream wedding, that’s a LOT of sanity-saving…

7. The Finer Things

A planner will make sure that all the fine details are sorted on the day… Who will make sure that the bridesmaids are ready, or that key players of the day are all at their stations? Try as you may, you will not be able to be on top of everything. Delegating these tasks to family members changes their experience and stops them from fully enjoying all of the celebrations, let your planner look after it all 🙂 (Not to mention the potential hassle it creates when Aunty just insists on fruit cake when you want lime and coconut, or when your cousin is looking at rock DJs when R&B is your jam!)

So there we go, 7 ways a planner will make your life easier…

With my experience and efficiency, I know EXACTLY how to help you, tailor my service to your needs and bring your vision to life.

If you want to chat about your upcoming event and how I can assist you, get in touch!

Thanks for reading and happy planning 🙂



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