Wedding Shows 101

With bridal shows and wedding exhibitions starting to make a (safe) comeback in London and across the UK, I’ve got some top tips to ensure you get the best out of the day… navigating through the maze of stands, with flyers being handed out left, right and centre, and so many wedding suppliers you probably want to see, you’ll thank yourself for being organised! Here’s how…

Wedding shows are always a fab day out with your bridal party or partner, full of exciting ideas and inspiration for your big day.

Read on to find out how to leave a wedding show feeling like a total accomplished wedding show boss!

1. Research Suppliers

            Find out the list of exhibitors and highlight which ones you want to visit as a priority. Next review the rest of the potentials, look them up online and decide if you want to swing by their stand too.

2. Map It Out

            Get a copy of the event layout, mark up each stand for the suppliers you want to speak to, and plan your route so that you’re not whizzing back and forth like a crazy geometric pattern – unless you need an excuse to up your steps for the day!

3. Get Familiar with the Facilities

            A simple one but worth mentioning, check out where to get food, where the powder room is, and where any catwalks or presentations are taking place.

4. Check Out the Presentation Schedule

            Some amazing suppliers run presentations throughout wedding shows. They are full of nifty nuggets of event industry wisdom, so be sure to check out the schedule and make a note of what you need to see!

5. Treat Yo’self – go VIP!

            If ever there was a time to treat yourself, it’s during your wedding planning journey! Consider upgrading your ticket to the VIP offering from the event hosts. These can include exclusive offers from suppliers, goody bags full of wedding delights, front row seats for fashion shows, and more…

6. Snap away!

            You will undoubtedly see a plethora of ideas, from stationery, to favours, to wedding gowns, to entertainment… the list goes on! Take lots of pictures of everything you have found inspiration from.

And now for some exhibition attendee etiquette:

Wedding Show Do’s:

1. Be open to hearing everything a supplier is explaining to you. After all, you’ve approached their stand, they will want to tell you all about what they can offer.

2. Make a note after speaking to a supplier so you remember them, as it will help for conversations later down the line.

3. Provide your contact details to suppliers who you are genuinely interested in.


Wedding Show Don’ts:

1. Speak to suppliers to try and nab freebies (I’ve had an attendee help herself a gift box that was clearly tucked away and only for my sign-ups…!). No matter how ‘easy’ it appears, suppliers pour their heart and soul into these events, and everything comes at a cost. If it’s not either handed to you or in a bowl/on display for the taking, don’t be that person…!

2. Waste suppliers’ time – if you’re not interested, suppliers would rather you just say, and move on. Time wasted explaining their whole range of products or services to you, is a potential client or booking they’ve lost.

3. Fill out an enquiry form if you don’t intend to have a follow-up conversation – another one related to respecting a business’ time and effort. We will call you after the event to chat through what we’ve discussed and the worst thing is being ghosted after the event! It’s just not cool.

4. Haggle on the spot – many creative companies like to offer bespoke quotes and therefore will take your details and contact you after the event. Getting into a negotiating war at an event because you “found It cheaper online”, isn’t the time nor place. Also remember, a cookie-cutter package online will always be cheaper than a bespoke and tailored offering.

Are you attending a wedding show soon? Apply these simple tips and have the best time!

If you’d like some help getting all of that information together and want a wedding planner to assist, feel free to get in touch – drop me an email at or set up a complimentary consultation via the Contact page!

Speak soon!

Sheleena x