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Wedding Shows 101

With bridal shows and wedding exhibitions starting to make a (safe) comeback, I’ve got some top tips to ensure you get the best out of the day… navigating through the maze of stands, with flyers being handed out left, right and centre, and so many wedding suppliers you probably want to see, you’ll thank yourself for being organised! Here’s how… Continue reading

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Wedding Budget 101

If there’s one thing you need to be in tune with all along your planning journey, this is it: your wedding budget. Budgeting is probably the most important, and unfortunately most difficult part of your planning.

Reading through these hints and tips will give you the direction and confidence to manage your budget like a boss!

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The Magic of a Wedding Planner

All couples seek a perfectly planned and seamlessly executed wedding celebration. Hire a Wedding Planner and they will no doubt alleviate you (and your loved ones) of unnecessary pressure, provide nuggets of wisdom and make the journey as fun as possible! Aside from being your wedding fairy-godmother, consider us your confidante, wedding PA, source of inspiration, wedding guru and your new-found friend all in one! A talented wedding planner is a gift you give yourself, and then wonder how you’d have ever managed without one… ~ Unknown If the above wasn’t enough, read on for more ways that hiring a planner will change your life… 1. Experience If you hire an experienced wedding planner, you can trust in someone that’s got a solution for practically any hiccup you could imagine. Not just on the day of your event, but ALL … Continue reading

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